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Chongqing Technology andBusinessUniversity(CTBU for short) is a university withits own distinctive features of the multi-disciplinary system, the superior conditions, the special location within the Three Gorges Reservoir Area and research edge. In accordance with the overall requirements of meeting the needs, highlighting the characteristics, innovating the model and establishing strict standards by the Academic Degrees Committee of the State Council, andwith the recommendation of the office of the Three Gorges Project Construction Committee under the State Council, CTBU has succeeded in the application for the Doctoral Program for ServingtheCountry’s Special Needs—The National Strategy ofTalents Cultivation Program for theMillion Migrants’StabilityandProsperity in the Three Gorges Reservoir Area.

According to theAnnouncement on Approving the Doctoral Program for ServingtheCountry’s Special Needsby the Academic Degrees Committee of the State Council(degree (2012) No.40), CTBU’s talents cultivation program has been one of the 35 pilot ones in the country and since 2013 has begun to admit and cultivate doctoral students in applied economics, aiming to serve theNational Strategy of Million Migrants’StabilityandProsperityin the Three Gorges Reservoir Area.

I Objectives

The program centers on the major challenge—The National Strategy ofTalents Cultivation Program for theMillion Migrants’StabilityandProsperity in the Three Gorges Reservoir Area, with the aim of producing inter-disciplinary and innovative high-end talents with a strong dedication spirit for Reservoir Area migrants and profound theoretical attainment of applied economics. They are expected not only to grasp Marxism theory and interdisciplinary knowledge of economics, management, sociology and environmental ecology but also to be capable of solving the complex problems related to the stability and prosperity of millions of Reservoir Area migrants, and be willing to settle down and do well in the Reservoir Area.

II Mode of Enrollment

All candidates are required to take the formal examinations in the designated time in CTBU.


1. Basic requirements

1.1 Candidates are expected to have good political, ideological and moral quality and abide by the law.

1.2 Candidates should be one of the following ones:

Those with a master’s degree, among whom on-the-job postgraduates are required to obtain the master's degree before online registration);

Those fresh graduate students who are required to obtain the master's degree before entering the university;

Those postgraduates graduating ahead of time who should meet the following requirements: completing the graduation application procedures and providing the relevant evidence, obtaining diploma and degree certificate before entering the university, and being qualified after the university’s examination;

1.3 Candidates should offer recommendation letters from two professors or associate professors of the relevant specialty.

1.4 Those with a doctor’s degree should no more apply for doctoral program.

2. Priorities

Owing to the program’s special nature, priorities should be given to:

those outstanding fresh graduate students and excellent personnel with a master's degree from the Three Gorges Reservoir Area;

those backbones from the Three Gorges Project of the State Council and the Three Gorges Group Corporation and other young researchers who have focused on the stability and prosperityof migrants in the water conservancy and hydropower reservoir area;

and those who have conducted a wealth of researches on the theory and practicerelated to the stability and prosperityof Reservoir Area Migrants.


Any on-the-job doctoral candidate who has been successfully admitted to our university must ensure 2 or 3 years’ full-time study in the university and submit the related official statements provided by the work unit.

IVNumber of Enrollment

5-7 candidates are expected to be enrolled in 2016.

Note: The published enrollment plan is for reference only. The actual enrollment number will be subject to the enrollment plan issued by Ministry of Education in 2016.

V Registration Procedures

1.Online registration: fromSet. 16, 2015to Apr. 15, 2016, please log on tohttp://yz.chsi.com.cn/and register in the “Doctor Online Registration” in the right corner of the web site.

2.Confirmation: please go to CTBU Graduate Admissions Office (Room 7005, Houde Building) on Apr.16-17, 2016 with your ID card, diploma and degree certificate, research achievements, recommendation letters from two professors or associate professors, health examination record and other related materials to make the confirmation.


1. Exam Procedures

1.1 Written examination: for details of exam subjects, please go to CTBU 2014Specialty Catalogue of Doctor Education.

1.2 Interview: the interview is organized byEconomic Research Center of the Upper Reaches of Yangtze River and please submit the following materials on interviewing: two original versions and copies of two research achievements which are the same as or related to the specialty; doctoral research project with a clear direction and a complete research plan.

2. Time and Place

2.1 Time for written examination: Apr. 23-24, 2016

2.2 Place for written examination: Bozhi Building of CTBU

2.3 Time and place for the interview: candidates who have passed the written examination will report and participate in the interview at theEconomicResearchCenterof the Upper Reaches of Yangtze River on Apr. 29, 2016.

VII Admission

1. The outstanding candidates will be admitted according to their overall performance as well as their scientific research and work.

2. The unqualified candidates in the interview will not be admitted.

VIII Period of Schooling

Flexible educational system has been implemented with a schooling period of generally 3 to 4 years but not more than 6 years.

IX Physical Check-up

The candidates should choose a classIII-Ahospital to have a physical check-up and submit your health examination record to graduate school on confirming your registration.

X Employment

Owing to the program’sspecial nature, graduates are expected to work in the related positions in the Three Gorges Reservoir Area.

CTBU 2016 Specialty Catalogue of Doctor Education

Grade -1 Subject


Title & Specialty

No. of Enrollment

Exam Subjects


Reference Books



The Personnel Training Program for the National Strategy of Millions of Migrants in the Three Gorges Reservoir Area and Their Stability and prosperity

① Development of Characteristic Industries and the Migrants’ Stability and prosperity

②Urban and Rural Overall Planning and the Migrants’ Stability and prosperity

③Coordinated Development of Economy, Society and Ecological Environment and the Migrants’ Stability and prosperity


  1. English

  2. Basic Theory of Economics (including Western Economics and Development Economics

Comprehensive Regional Economics (including Regional Economics, Industrial Economics and Ecological Economics)

Yang Jirui

Liao Yuanhe

Zeng Qingjun

Zhou Bing

Wang Chongju

Huang Zhiliang

Zhou Lixin

Yu Xinghou

Zou Xuan

Sun Fangcheng

Wen Chuanhao

① Varian, Hal Ronald.Intermediate Microeconomics. Shanghai People’s Publishing House, 2011.

② Sachs, Jeffrey & FelipeLarrainMacroeconomics in the Global Economy.

Shanghai People’s Publishing House, 2004.

③Tan Chongtai. Development Economics. Shanxi Economic Publishing House

, 2001.

④Hao Shouyi& An Husen. Regional Economics. Economic Science Press,2004.

⑤Zang Xuheng. Industrial Economics. Economic Science Press,2005.

⑥Tang Jianrong. Ecological Economics. Chemical Industry Press , 2005.

Introduction to Doctoral Supervisors

Wang Chongju (1948-), male, professor (second grade), doctoral supervisor, receiving special government allowance from theState Council, former president of Chongqing Technology and Business University, honorary director of CTBU Economic Research Center of the Upper Reaches of Yangtze River, member of Chongqing Degree Council, Chongqing academic and technological leader, memberof Chongqing Science and Technology Advisory Group, discipline leader of Regional Economics(Chongqing municipal key discipline),Chongqing municipal government counselor, deputy director of China Quantitative Economic Society and chairman of Chongqing Regional Economic Society.

Professor Wang Chongju has been engaged inthe research on regional economics, quantitative economics and macro economic decision-making theory and methods and in the work of cultivating masters and doctors. In recent years, professor Wang has accomplished 9 projects funded byNational Nature ScienceFoundation,National Social ScienceFoundation and other foundations, 4internationalcooperationprojects, 5 emergencyprojects funded by Chongqing Municipal government, and 22 projects by Ministry of Education andChongqing Science andTechnology Committee. Besides, professor Wang has provided over 40 decision-making reports for the government departments published 12 books and over 30 papers and won 30 government awards. Owing to the considerable impacts of his achievements in Chongqing, Southwestern Regions, Western Regions and even the whole country and his outstanding contributions to Chongqing economic and social development, professor Wang has awardednationalMay 1stLabor Medal,Contribution Award for the Revitalization of Chongqing, one of the 30Economic Influential Men during Chongqing 30-year Reform and Opening Upand 2012Pacesetter onScientific Researchof Chongqing Technology and Business University.

E-mail: wcj@ctbu.edu.cn

Yang Jirui (1954-), male, born in Jingyan, Sichuan, Doctor of Economics, professor (second grade), doctoral supervisor, former vice president of Sichuan University, formerDeputy Secretary of the Party committee of Southwestern University of Finance and Economics, formerpresident of Chongqing Technology and Business University,President of Chengdu Social Science Association since Feb. 2015,dean of Chengdu and Chongqing Economic Zone Development Institute of Southwestern University of Finance and Economics, honorary director of CTBU Economic Research Center of the Upper Reaches of Yangtze River, director ofCollaborative Innovation Research Center forUrban Agglomeration Industry Development in Chengdu and Chongqing Economic Zone, director of expert committee of Chongqing Finance Institute, deputy directorof China Regional Economic Society,Vice president of Chinese “Das Kapital” Research Society, president of China Consumption Economics Society.

Professor Yang Jirui is an expert receiving special government allowance from theState Council, a contact expert ofthe Organization Department of the Central Committee of CPC and Chongqing Municipal Party Committee, one of theFirst batch of academic leaders in Sichuan Province, a winner of Henry Fok Award for Outstanding Young Teachers in Colleges and Universities in 1991, Cross-century Outstanding Talent of National Board of Education in 1997, and Cross-century Outstanding Talent ofMinistry of Land and Resources. Besides, professor Yang wonthe first batch of Baogang National Outstanding Doctoral Dissertation Award of Liberal Arts in 1999 and over 30 government awards in research achievements.

Professor Yang Jirui has accomplished more than 30 projects including key projects funded byMinistry of Education,National Nature ScienceFoundation and Philosophy andSocial ScienceFoundation. He has been mainly engaged in the research onChina’s economic reform and development, regional economics and real estate economics and published over 350 papers in such journals asSocial Science in China,Economic Research,Management World,Economic PerspectivesandXinhua Digestand 27 books. Besides, many of professor Yang’s research achievements have been affirmed by state and party leaders.


Sun Fangcheng (1963-), male, born in Ningde, Fujian, Doctor, professor (second grade), doctoral supervisor, Chongqing academic and technological leader in accounting, one of the “Five- A Group of” Talents of Chongqing Propaganda Culture and an expert receiving special government allowance from the State Council. In 1984 professor Sun Fangcheng graduated from Department of Accounting of Anhui Finance & Trade College (now Anhui Finance and Economics University), where he had been engaged in accounting teaching and researching ever since his graduation. In 1993 he was promoted to associate professor and in 1997 to professor. In 2004 professor Sun was admitted to Institute of Fiscal Science of Ministry of Finance to further his doctor study in accounting and got a doctor degree in management in 2008. Since June 1997, professor Sun was vice president ofChongqingIndustrialManagementCollege, vice president of Chongqing Institute of Technology, vice president of Chongqing University of Technology and president ofChongqingThreeGorgesUniversity. And now professor Sun is president of Chongqing Technology andBusinessUniversity, member of CPPCC Chongqing Municipal Committee, member of China Accounting Society, vice president of Chongqing Accounting Society, deputy director of Chongqing Senior Accountants Accreditation Committee, and consultancy expert of Corporate Internal Control Standards Board of Ministry of Finance.

Professor SunFangcheng has been mainly engaged in the research on accounting, corporate governance and government debt. He has published over 110 papers in such journals asAccounting ResearchandChina Higher Educationand 6 books.Professor Sunhas accomplished more than 20 projects including projects funded byNational Social ScienceFoundation and won 20 first prize, second prize and third prize in research and teaching achievements and been awardedMinistry-level Outstanding Young Teachers and Outstanding Teachers,National Prominent Teacher medal andChongqing Advanced Workers.

E-mail: fcsun28@ctbu.edu.cn

Liao Yuanhe (1950-), male, Doctor,professor (second grade), doctoral supervisor,Chongqing academic leader of Regional Economics, Doctor of Economics of Department of Industrial Economics of Graduate School ofChinese Academy of Social Sciences. Professor Liao obtained hisdoctor’s degree of Economics in July 1993 and received special government allowance from the State Council in Oct. 1993. He was promoted to researcher in Feb.1994 and was appointed vice president of Chongqing Academy of Social Sciences in June 1994.

Professor Liao Yuanhe was deputy director and secretary general of the Development Research Center of Chongqing Academy of Social Sciences in 1998, vice president of Chongqing Technology and Business University in 2004, dean of Chongqing Institute of Industrial Economics in 2005 till now, editor in chief of the famous academic journalReformand vice president of China Enterprise Management Research Association from 1999 to January 2004.

In recent 30 years, professorLiao Yuanhe has been engaged in the research on economics theory and applied economics He has made outstanding achievements in the field of the relationship between public ownership system and market economy, the reform of state-owned enterprises, western development, urban and rural overall planning andChengduand Chongqing Economic Zone. He has won 26 province- level and above awards, including2 highest recognized awards for economic management in China, 1 first prize and 4 second prize of Chongqing Social Sciences Outstanding Achievement and 4 third prize of Chongqing Science and Technology Progress. Professor Liao has published over 60 papers and 5 books and his representative works includeMutual Relationship between Public Ownership System and Market Economy,Industrialization Process in West ChinaandUrbanization and Land System Innovation in China. .


Wen Chuanhao (1972-), male, Doctor,professor (second grade),master’s tutor in Regional Economics, industrial economics, environmental science and engineering, and MBA,doctoral supervisor in applied economics, Chongqing academic and technological leader inpopulation resources and environmental economics, Chongqing “Bayu scholar” professor of industrial economics, chief expert of Chongqing 2010 Second University Science and Technology Innovation Team, chief expert of the major bidding project of National Philosophy and Social Sciences— The Environment - Economic - Social Development and Change Research on the Unique Geographical Unit of the Three Gorges Reservoir Area (11&ZD161), cooperative doctoral tutor of Statistics (Green GDP) of Zhongnan University of Economics and Law, standing deputy director of CTBU Economic Research Center of the Upper Reaches of Yangtze River, and standing vice dean of Institute of Regional Economics of Chongqing Technology and Business University.

Professor WenChuanhaograduated fromShaanxiNormalUniversityandYunnanUniversityand won his bachelor’s, master’s and doctoral degreein1996, 1999 and 2002 respectively.He has conductedacademic exchanges and been a senior visiting scholar in such universities asMcgillUniversityinCanadaandHong KongBaptistUniversity. Professor Wen has won a number of awards such as Baogang Award of Ministry of Education, Jianhao Award ofLeagueCentral Committee,Kunming Ten Outstanding Youth and Guizhou Provincial Outstanding expert. He also has many titles such as member of the Tenth National Youth Federation, member of Chongqing Youth Federation, member of Chongqing CPPCC Committee, vice chairman ofJiusan Societyin Nan’an District, peer expert of projects and the results of National Philosophy and Social Science Foundation, member of ChinaRegional Economics Society,chairman of Economic Committee of Chongqing Municipal Committee of Jiushan Society, vice president and secretary general of Chongqing Regional Economics Society and deputy director of the Professional Committee Of Regional Sustainable Development in China.

In recent years, professor Wen Chuanhao has published nearly 60 papers some of which have been republished byXinhua Digestand 3 books and has won 1 first prize, 3 second prize and 3 third prize and other 2 prize.

E-mail:chhwen1972@163.com, 1713034166@qq.com

Zeng Qingjun (1963-), male,professor (second grade), doctoral supervisor, director of CTBUSocial ScienceDepartment and CTBU Science and Technology Department, member of AdvisoryCommittee for Economics and Trade Teaching in Higher Education by Ministry of Education, theYoung Expert Making Outstanding Contributions to Chongqing,the “Five- A Group of” Talent of Chongqing Propaganda Culture and the Outstanding Middle and Young Backbone Teacher of ChongqingMunicipality. Professor Zeng has many titles such as peer expert ofNational Social Science Foundation, expert of Undergraduate TeachingQuality Project, member of China Commercial Economy Society, vicepresident ofChongqing“Das Kapital” andSocialist Market EconomyResearch Society and vice president of Chongqing Migration and Economic Development Research Society.

Professor Zeng Qingjun has been teaching undergraduates and postgraduates such courses as Political Economics, Trade Economics and Retail Science. He is the man in charge of the major of Trade Economics, a featured major in the universities ofChongqingand the man in charge of Retail Science, a Top-Quality course and open video course in the universities ofChongqing. Professor Zeng has won 7 province-level and above awards in teaching achievements.

Professor Zeng Qingjun has been mainly engaged in the research on commercial economy and regional economics. He has published over 100 papers and 12 books, and accomplished 2projects funded by National Social Science Foundation and 15 province-level projects and other 100 projects commissioned by government. Till now professor Zeng has won 9 province-level awards in research achievements.


Huang Zhiliang (1955-), male, Doctor,professor (second grade), doctoral supervisor, master’s tutor and MBA tutor, editor-in-chief of the journalWest Forumof Chongqing Technology and Business University, formerdeputy secretary of the party committee and vice president ofChongqing Technology and Business University, and member of the third Chongqing Municipal People’s Congress.Now professor Huang isChongqing academic and technological leader inNationalEconomics, member of China Regional Economics Society andChina “Das Kapital” Research Society, president of Chongqing “Das Kapital” andSocialist Market EconomyResearch Society, member of Chongqing Villages and Towns Construction and Development Research Association and peer expert ofNational Social ScienceFoundation projects and achievements.

Professor Huang Zhiliang was a primary school teacherin Dafang County of Guizhou from 1974 to Jan. 1978. He graduated fromSchoolofEconomicsofSichuanUniversitywith a bachelor’s degree in Jan. 1982 and from theSchoolofEconomicsofNaikaiUniversitywith a master’s degree in June 1988. Professor Huang was promoted to professor in Mar. 2002 and was awarded the Ministry-level Expert Making Outstanding Contributions byMinistry of InternalTradein1995. From Apr. 2002 till now, professor Huang is professor, master’s tutor and doctoral supervisor of Chongqing Technology andBusinessUniversity.

Professor Huang Zhiliang has been mainly engaged in the research on regional economics, urban and rural overall planning and migrants’ stability and prosperity andnew-type urbanization and town development. He was a visiting scholar inWesternKentuckyUniversityin Mar. 2002 and inRitsumeikanUniversityandUniversity of the Pacific of Asia from Aug. to Nov. 2004. Professor Huang conducted surveys on the higher education and postgraduate education in different countries such asBritain,France,Germany,ItalyandAmericain Oct. 2003 and May 2008 respectively. He did his research inOxfordUniversityin Aug. 2007 and inBelarusNationalTechnicalUniversityin Nov. 2010 and undertook academic exchanges in Thailand Royal University of Science and Technology in Mar. 2015. Till now, professor Huang has published 18 books and over 60 papers, accomplished 18 projects and won 8 province-level and above awards.


Yu Xinghou (1960-), male,professor, doctoral supervisor, graduating fromChinaWestNormalUniversityin 1982 with a bachelor’s degree in philosophy and fromSchoolofEconomicsand Management of Northwest University in 1987 with a master’s degree in economics. Professor Yu wasChief of Scientific Research Division of Chongqing Technology andBusinessUniversityfrom 2006 to 2012,and now is dean of Graduate School of Chongqing Technology andBusinessUniversity, master’s tutor in Industrial Economics and NationalEconomics and MBA. He is a peer expert of National Social Science Foundation Face Projects, an achievement-appraisalexpert of National Social Science Foundation Projects, an expert of Social Science Planning Projects of Ministry of Education and Key Soft Science Project of Chongqing Science and Technology Commission.

Professor Yu Xinghou has been mainly engaged in the research on theoretical economics and especially onpublic economy and public policy. He has accomplished more than 20 projects including projects funded byNational Social Science Foundation, Social Science Planning of Ministry of Education and major bidding projects funded by Chongqing Social Science Foundation. Professor Yu has won 1 second prize and 3 third prize and published over 50 papers and 3 books. Now he is on a major bidding project funded byChongqingmunicipal government and 2014 Social Science Planning Project by Ministry of Education


Zhou Lixin (1966-), female, born in Chongqing, Doctor of Management, post doctor of Economics,researcher, doctoral supervisor, Chongqing “Bayu Scholar” professor of Industrial Economics, peer expert of National Natural ScienceFoundation projects andNational Social ScienceFoundation projects and achievements, peer expert ofHumanities and Social Sciences Research Projects and Achievements of Ministry of Education.Professor Zhou graduated fromSchoolofEconomicsand Business Administration of Chongqing University in July 2004 with a doctor’s degree in management. She wasengaged in post doctoral research inSchoolofEconomicsofZhejiangUniversityfrom Nov. 2004 to Jan. 2007, and was a visiting scholar intheUniversityofIllinoisfrom Mar. 2011 to Mar. 2012.

Professor ZhouLixinhas been mainly engaged in the teaching and research in regional economics, industrial economics and enterprise management. In recent years, she has accomplished nearly 20 projects including projects funded by National Natural ScienceFoundation,National Social ScienceFoundation andHumanities and Social Sciences Planning Research of the Ministry of Education. Professor Zhou has published 4 books and over 50 papers in such journals asChinese Management Studies,The Journal of Quantitative & Technical EconomicsandChina Soft Science. She has won 1 second prize and 5 third prize of province-level government awards and other 3 academic awards.

E-mail: lxzhou@ctbu.edu.cn

Zhou Bin (1967-), male, Doctor,professor (second grade), doctoral supervisor,post doctor of Financial Economics of Southwestern University of Finance and Economics, post doctor of Applied Economics ofUniversity ofCalifornia, Chongqing academic and technological leader in economics, an expertreceiving special government allowance from the State Council, national candidate for the New Century Talents Project, consultancy expert of Chongqing Science and Technology Decision, expert of Chongqing planning projects funded by Development and Reform Commission, and member of Appraisal Committee of Chongqing Municipal Public Accountants Title. Professor Zhou was vice dean of School ofEconomics and Trade and dean of Ronzhi College of Chongqing Technology and Business University, and now is vice dean of School of Accounting of Chongqing Technology and Business University and doctoral supervisor of Applied Economics.

Profess ZhouBinhas been mainly engaged inteaching, management practice and research on applied economics and management economics. In recent years, he has accomplished many projects including projects funded by National Social Science Foundation, National Technology Ministry Foundation, National Post-doctoral Foundation and Chongqing Social Science Foundation. Till now, many of his achievements have been adopted by the government and enterprises. Professor Zhou has published over 60 papers in such journals asManagement WorldandThe Journal of Quantitative & Technical Economicsand 4 books and has won many awards in teaching and research achievements.In recent years, professor Zhou has taught such subjects as

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