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Yang Jirui

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Yang Jirui (1954-), male, born in Jingyan, Sichuan, Doctor of Economics, professor (second grade), doctoral supervisor, former vice president of Sichuan University, former Deputy Secretary of the Party committee of Southwestern University of Finance and Economics, former president of Chongqing Technology and Business University, President of Chengdu Social Science Association since Feb. 2015, dean of Chengdu and Chongqing Economic Zone Development Institute of Southwestern University of Finance and Economics, honorary director of CTBU Economic Research Center of the Upper Reaches of Yangtze River, director of Collaborative Innovation Research Center for Urban Agglomeration Industry Development in Chengdu and Chongqing Economic Zone, director of expert committee of Chongqing Finance Institute, deputy director of China Regional Economic Society, Vice president of Chinese “Das Kapital” Research Society, president of China Consumption Economics Society.

Professor Yang Jirui is an expert receiving special government allowance from the State Council, a contact expert of the Organization Department of the Central Committee of CPC and Chongqing Municipal Party Committee, one of the First batch of academic leaders in Sichuan Province, a winner of Henry Fok Award for Outstanding Young Teachers in Colleges and Universities in 1991, Cross-century Outstanding Talent of National Board of Education in 1997, and Cross-century Outstanding Talent of Ministry of Land and Resources. Besides, professor Yang won the first batch of Baogang National Outstanding Doctoral Dissertation Award of Liberal Arts in 1999 and over 30 government awards in research achievements.

Professor Yang Jirui has accomplished more than 30 projects including key projects funded by Ministry of Education, National Nature Science Foundation and Philosophy and Social Science Foundation. He has been mainly engaged in the research on China’s economic reform and development, regional economics and real estate economics and published over 350 papers in such journals as Social Science in China, Economic Research, Management World, Economic Perspectives and Xinhua Digest and 27 books. Besides, many of professor Yang’s research achievements have been affirmed by state and party leaders.

E-mail: yjr@ctbu.edu.cn, jryang@swufe.edu.cn

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