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Sun Fangcheng

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Sun Fangcheng (1963-), male, born in Ningde, Fujian, Doctor, professor (second grade), doctoral supervisor, Chongqing academic and technological leader in accounting, one of the “Five- A Group of” Talents of Chongqing Propaganda Culture and an expert receiving special government allowance from the State Council. In 1984 professor Sun Fangcheng graduated from Department of Accounting of Anhui Finance & Trade College (now Anhui Finance and Economics University), where he had been engaged in accounting teaching and researching ever since his graduation. In 1993 he was promoted to associate professor and in 1997 to professor. In 2004 professor Sun was admitted to Institute of Fiscal Science of Ministry of Finance to further his doctor study in accounting and got a doctor degree in management in 2008. Since June 1997, professor Sun was vice president of Chongqing Industrial Management College, vice president of Chongqing Institute of Technology, vice president of Chongqing University of Technology and president of Chongqing Three Gorges University. And now professor Sun is president of Chongqing Technology and Business University, member of CPPCC Chongqing Municipal Committee, member of China Accounting Society, vice president of Chongqing Accounting Society, deputy director of Chongqing Senior Accountants Accreditation Committee, and consultancy expert of Corporate Internal Control Standards Board of Ministry of Finance.

Professor Sun Fangcheng has been mainly engaged in the research on accounting, corporate governance and government debt. He has published over 110 papers in such journals as Accounting Research and China Higher Education and 6 books. Professor Sun has accomplished more than 20 projects including projects funded by National Social Science Foundation and won 20 first prize, second prize and third prize in research and teaching achievements and been awarded Ministry-level Outstanding Young Teachers and Outstanding Teachers, National Prominent Teacher medal and Chongqing Advanced Workers.

E-mail: fcsun28@ctbu.edu.cn

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