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Huang Zhiliang

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Huang Zhiliang (1955-), male, Doctor, professor (second grade), doctoral supervisor, master’s tutor and MBA tutor, editor-in-chief of the journal West Forum of Chongqing Technology and Business University, former deputy secretary of the party committee and vice president of Chongqing Technology and Business University, and member of the third Chongqing Municipal People’s Congress. Now professor Huang is Chongqing academic and technological leader in National Economics, member of China Regional Economics Society and China “Das Kapital” Research Society, president of Chongqing “Das Kapital” and Socialist Market Economy Research Society, member of Chongqing Villages and Towns Construction and Development Research Association and peer expert of National Social Science Foundation projects and achievements.

Professor Huang Zhiliang was a primary school teacher in Dafang County of Guizhou from 1974 to Jan. 1978. He graduated from School of Economics of Sichuan University with a bachelor’s degree in Jan. 1982 and from the School of Economics of Naikai University with a master’s degree in June 1988. Professor Huang was promoted to professor in Mar. 2002 and was awarded the Ministry-level Expert Making Outstanding Contributions by Ministry of Internal Trade in1995. From Apr. 2002 till now, professor Huang is professor, master’s tutor and doctoral supervisor of Chongqing Technology and Business University.

Professor Huang Zhiliang has been mainly engaged in the research on regional economics, urban and rural overall planning and migrants’ stability and prosperity and new-type urbanization and town development. He was a visiting scholar in Western Kentucky University in Mar. 2002 and in Ritsumeikan University and University of the Pacific of Asia from Aug. to Nov. 2004. Professor Huang conducted surveys on the higher education and postgraduate education in different countries such as Britain, France, Germany, Italy and America in Oct. 2003 and May 2008 respectively. He did his research in Oxford University in Aug. 2007 and in Belarus National Technical University in Nov. 2010 and undertook academic exchanges in Thailand Royal University of Science and Technology in Mar. 2015. Till now, professor Huang has published 18 books and over 60 papers, accomplished 18 projects and won 8 province-level and above awards.

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