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Key Projects

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IThe Center was approved of a key project funded by the Ministry of Education ofChinafor the first time. In November this year, Professor Yang Jirui, Director of the Center, had his bidding project Research onChina’s Real Estate Tax Reform approved. The approval to set up the project marks four major breakthroughs among all the scientific researches made by our school. First, it was the first time for the Center as a key research base of the Ministry of Education to undertake a national major project. Second, our school made a breakthrough of breaking the zero record in setting up project of humanities and social sciences. Third, this project was the only approved key project of humanities and social sciences funded by the Ministry of Education inChongqing’s colleges and universities this year. Fourth, this also was the only key project approved by Ministry of Education in all municipal universities this year as well as the first approved project among all municipal universities in many years. It laid a foundation for the Center to make prominent research achievements.

IIThe Center was approved of a major national social science project.According to National Planning Office of Philosophy and Social Science in early December of this year, the key National Social Science Fund Project subject to tender – Research on Development and Changes of Environment, Economy and Society in the Unique Geographical Unit of the Three Gorges Reservoir Area, was approvedafter peer review.This project was undertaken by a research group led by Professor Wen Chuanhao, deputy director of the Center. This project would create significant impacts on the research development and discipline building of our school in at least three aspects. First, this project broke the zero record in major projects of national humanity and social science, adding bricks to “the transformation and upgrading” of economic disciplines for our school. Second, the approval of this project signified the Center achieved four years ahead of time a key objective ofThe Twelfth Five-year Planapproved by the Ministry of Education. This would further enhance the Center’s academic influence upon the upper reaches of Yangtze River and even on the wholeChina. Third, it would set a good example of “Strive and then Win” for all the young and middle-aged backbone teachers in our school.

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