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Discipline Construction Achievements

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After more than ten-year construction, the Center has made remarkable achievements in discipline construction. Center-based regional economics is one of the 10th5-year-plan municipal key disciplines of the first batch of, and one of the 11thfive-year-plan municipal key disciplines. In 2009, Degree andGraduateEducationEvaluationCenterof the Ministry of Education conducted an assessment of Applied Economics of 68 universities likeTsinghuaUniversity,PekingUniversity, Renmin University of China,BeijingNormalUniversity,NankaiUniversity,WuhanUniversityand other prestigious universities. Our university’s Applied Economics ranked 28thwith that ofChongqingUniversity. Still in 2009, in the rankings organized by Research Center for Chinese Science Evaluation of Wuhan University, our university’s Regional Economics got B+(only 21 well-known universities in the whole country got A+and A). In 2010, Center-based Applied Economics ranked firstamong the subject groups of Economics, Management, Law and Philosophy by anonymous peer review from other cities.In 2010, Regional Economics led by Professor Wang Chongju was named National Elite Course. In 2011, Applied Economics led by Professor Wang Chongju was approved asChongqingmunicipal 12th5-year-plan key discipline.In 2012, the doctoral program with the aim of serving thecountry’s special needs—The National Strategy of Talents Cultivation Program for the Million Migrants’ Stability and Prosperity in the Three Gorges Reservoir Area— was approved by the Degree Office of the State Council and in 2013 began to admit doctoral students.In 2013,Collaborative Innovation Research Center forUrban Agglomeration Industry Development in Chengdu and Chongqing Economic Zonewas approved by Chongqing Municipal government and was thought highly of by vice mayor Wu Gang. In 2014, the Post-doctoral Research Station of Applied Economics was approved by the Ministry ofHuman Resources and Social Security.


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