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The Second Development Strategy Series Forum for Yangtze River Economic Belt H…

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On June 23, 2015, the Second Development Strategy Series Forum for Yangtze River Economic Belt was held successfully in Conference Room 601 of Tin Ka Ping Building.

Professor Wen Chuanhao, Executive Deputy Director of Research Center of the Economy of the Upper Reaches of Yangtze River hosted this forum. Many teachers, doctoral students and postgraduates attended the forum. As a specially appointed professor, Xie Xin was the keynote speaker and delivered a speech on constraints and impetus for China’s economic growth during the transformation period.

Professor Xie Xin firstly gave a brief introduction to the situation that China’s economic growth is now at a critical point where economic transformation, economic restructuring and digesting stimulating policies implemented by the previous term of government are converging. Then he talked about some factors leading to the current economic slowdown, such as decrease in the number of labors, “Lewis Turning Point”, decline of productivity growth rate, environmental pollution and challenges from policies which included “negative list”, competition mechanism, government regulation over mixed-ownership economy, lack of innovation incentive mechanism led by the market and unified household registration system. He played emphasis on discussing prospect of China’s economic growth, whether China will be caught in “the middle-income trap” and whether the government can ensure the risk indicator under control.

At last, Professor Xie Xin conducted communication and exchanges with teachers and students present in the forum which achieved complete success and ended in a warm atmosphere.

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